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3 Tips to Grow Your Web Business

In today’s blog post we will cover three great tips that will help you create a high-quality website so that you can turn your expense also known as a cost center into a profit center.


3 Tips to Grow Your Web Business


I’m Carlos Quintero. In today’s blog post we will cover three great tips that will help you create a high-quality website so that you can turn your expense also known as a cost center into a profit center.

My goal in this episode is to answer a question that my clients often ask and that is; Are there best practices that I should follow to grow my web business? And if so, what are they?  

While there's no one right answer, my advice has always been to focus on two things. First, focus on creating high quality content. Second, focus on delivering the best possible user experience on your website.  

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All right – so let’s get started. I will cover three key suggestions on how to design and organize your website content with an overall emphasis on quality. 

Tip #1

Don't create multiple pages or sites with duplicate content.

I’d like to encourage you to create high quality sites rather than a large quantity of sites.

Focusing on one site and making it richer in information and authentic in content not only benefits users, but also helps you rank higher on search engine result pages.  

Think of yourself as a consumer of the product, service or information that you are providing. As you’re browsing the web, you want and expect to find what you're looking for quickly and easily without combing through endless multiple pages, subdomains, or sites with generic or duplicate content.

So if you have pages in your website or multiple websites that offer similar content, I would advise you to consider consolidating the pages or sites into one effectively eliminating the duplication.

You’ll be glad you did it, Google should reward you with better rankings and your website visitors will be more likely to recommend your product, service or content. 

Tip #2

Provide content that gives users a reason to visit, and return, to your site. 

When you create content on your site, it’s important to ask yourself if the page provides substantial value or service when compared to sites covering similar subjects.

I’ll share a quick story from my personal experience. As a web designer and developer with I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients. This one client is a group of 6 radio stations based out of Fargo, North Dakota. I was brought in to help the group establish websites and digital identities in a way that would allow them to generate revenue or monetize their digital identities.

The first order of business was an analysis of their existing platforms from a revenue perspective. I know, it seems a little counter intuitive to start on the revenue side but once I understood their expense I could determine what was possible. 

The second thing I analyzed was their position in the market and frankly how they stacked up against their competitors.

The third step was to identify key individuals within their organization that would help us reach our goals

Through this process, we determined that they were spending a great deal of money and seeing very little if any results from it 

We also discovered that their key competitor was the local newspaper who has many writers on staff.

The most important and biggest item that we discovered in this process is the fact that 8 out of 10, sometimes more than that, the Radio station was the media source that broke local news stories or brought attention to local issues. 

That single fact was more than enough ammunition to leverage the radio group into a competitive position in the market. 

Why…how…some might ask?

The answer is simple.

Because it is original content and content is king on the web.

This radio group could take original content, which they produce daily for their over-the-air work and repurpose it for the web. 

Their stories are not newspaper type of articles but rather consumable web stories that allow the message to be delivered quickly and effectively.

In the end, this group added their audio and even video coverage to their news stories giving them the ability to compete with the local market’s television news coverage.

In fact, the local television stations often requested permission to use their content (audio, video and photos) in their own news coverage.  In other words, they became THE NEWS SOURCE for the community.

Like the news station, each of the other 5 radio stations also found their unique identity and place on the web and shared equal success. 

Through the right mix of web sites, web apps and content this radio group effectively took their interactive platform from a cost center to a profit center.

The marketing take-away here is: 

YES, it is worth the effort to create original content that sets your site apart from the rest. This will provide useful search results and keep your visitors coming back.  

Tip #3

Provide the information or service promised. 

It seems obvious, right? So, why am I saying this? 

Working in the web design and development field, I get to see a lot of things and frankly some publishers create sites that appear to offer a product or service, but instead trick users into navigating through several pages. They are trying to increase their site’s page views thereby generating more impressions for their ads.  

It’s happened to all of us at least once I would say. We are searching for a product, service or some sort of content and end up on a site that makes it impossible to get the information we were after.

While it would seem obvious that this sort of activity on your website is not a good strategy, consider this. Your goal should never be to create a negative user experience.  You also don’t want your site to be perceived as untrustworthy.

Here’s a quick SEO tip for you. Use keywords appropriately and in context with your content and make sure users can easily navigate through the site to find the products, services, or information your site promised.

There’s no shortcut to success. Building a high-quality website takes effort and time.

So, remember the three tips to help you build great websites with an emphasis on quality and content.

1.    Don’t create multiple pages or sites with duplicate content.

2.    Provide content that gives users a reason to visit, and return, to your site. 

3.    Provide the information or service promised.

I want to share this with you…it has been my experience, almost every time that my clients have focused on their users A.K.A website visitors instead of finding ways to circumvent content creation or worse taking the easy way out by publishing syndicated content on their sites…they experience long-term revenue success, making them real winners.


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